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Career and Technical Education

Modern Career Education: Across the Graduation Stage and into a Dream Job

For many, the smell of sawdust or the whine of a lathe was the smell of high school. For a long time, shop classes - as they were once called - were fading from a high school education as employers wanted students with college degrees.

The need from area businesses has changed again. Today’s employers want certifications and experience, and the smell of sawdust is now drifting out of the Career and Technical Education wing of the high school and might mingle with the smell of baking bread from the culinary training program, or hospital sanitizer from the nursing classrooms.

Modern career education courses are meant to get students the skills they need to cross the graduation stage and into a career -- something South Milwaukee's program is uniquely designed to do.

Latest from CTE

students on field trip

A group of sophomores and juniors recently spent the day in speed interviews with building trades professionals at the Milwaukee Electrical Joint Apprenticeship Training Committee.🔌

On her Word!

No matter what field is in your future, becoming certified in Microsoft Office products gives you a leg up on the competition!

Designing the Future

Students have the opportunity to become certified in Autodesk Inventor a powerful 3D computer-aided design program used by mechanical engineers who need to design and prepare for manufacturing.

Ready for the Future

No matter what field is in your future, becoming certified in Microsoft Office products gives you a leg up on the competition!

steam night

STEAM night – a celebration of all the work in our schools through the lens of STEAM – Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math – is one of the biggest events during the year and certainly the biggest one-day academic event outside of graduation. 

In this episode, we’re bringing you three audio postcards or snapshots from STEAM night, one from technology, one from engineering, and one from the arts.

student sewing

Sarai and other students recently explored how their sewing machines work in Clothing Design and Construction. The class is one of three electives available to students in the fashion and interior design industry. 

Work Based Learning Coordinator 

Chris Daniels
Located in the High School Student Services Office

SMWay Podcast: Learning a Living

Career and Tech Ed: Learning a Living

History in our country is a pendulum, swinging back and forth, directing where we pour our energy. The 1990s and early 2000s saw a push toward a college education and attendance for all of our students because a high school diploma was no longer adequate for the job market.

That pendulum has swung again, maybe to somewhere in the middle and we’re finding rewarding, well-paid careers are not only for those with college degrees but for those with the skills to excel in a profession, so high schools are adapting and teaching those skills as part of a free public education.


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