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Academic Planning allows students to create an academic plan through their entire high school career from 9th grade through their senior year. 

The tool allows users to track credits, courses and assessments required for graduation. By reviewing the Academic Progress, parents, SMHS staff and school counselors can see a student’s progress towards meeting the requirements in a format that is easy and concise to follow.

During the months of January each student will be asked to review and complete their academic plan for the following school year. Middle and High School Pupil Services will help students through this process. Parents can log in at any time before the deadline to review or edit student plans.

This link provides detailed information on courses offered at the high school and prerequisites for classes.  
Academic & Career Planning Guide

This link offers step by step instructions on entering classes into Infinite Campus.
Infinite Campus Entry

Guidance counselors will offer presentations to each grade level. Contact your Guidance Counselor if you miss the presentation and would like a copy.


High School Graduation Requirements
Most students will attend high school for four years in grades 9–12 (8 semesters/16 terms), successfully completing all established requirements. Total requirements for graduation are 25 credits and a passing score in the required Wisconsin Civics Test.

Special education students must meet requirements as identified by their Individual Education Plan (IEP). A student must attend South Milwaukee High School for at least one full semester to be eligible for a South Milwaukee High School diploma. Exceptions may be granted upon recommendation of the high school principal.

Credit Key: 
  1.0 Credit    Awarded for the successful completion of a course that meets for two (2) Semesters or Full Year
  0.5 Credit    Awarded for the successful completion of a course that meets for one (1) Semester
    (exceptions: Youth Apprenticeship, Internship, Co-op, Office Aide, Mentor)