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Letter Jacket

South Milwaukee distributors for sale of letter jackets:   

Ultimate Screen Print & Embroidery
5601 S. Pennsylvania Ave 
Cudahy, WI 53110




Position the graduation date numeral patch onto the left sleeve, near the top. The numerals should face away from your body.

Place the minor letter on the upper-right sleeve -- on the outer side, away from your body.

Center the major letter on the left side of the front of the jacket, over the heart. This letter should be centered between the middle opening of the coat and the arm hole, as well as between the top of the neck and the top of the pocket.

Line up any chevrons onto either sleeve underneath the numerals or minor letter so they look like a "V."

Add any other patches you earn onto the sleeves, right side of the front, or the back of the jacket. Additional patches typically don't require a specific location. 

Always pin the patches in place and try the jacket on, before sewing them in place.