For Families

Who To Contact

Contact the Main Office:
.To see the Principal
.To check for Lost and Found items
.To have an announcement made 
.To get a student Work Permit
.To inquire about school fees

.To fill out an accident form due to being injured at school
.To buy a yearly or daily parking permit

Contact Attendance:
.To excuse an absence
.If you arrive late to school
.To pick up a pass to leave the building for a pre-arranged absence

Contact the Associate Principal’s Office
.For street locker information
.If you are removed from class for behavior issues
.To make a change in your emergency contact information (address, phone, or family information)

Contact Student Services:
.For help in choosing courses/careers
.If you have a personal problem or a concern about friends/family members
.If you want to add or drop a class
.To obtain military information
.For help with college or scholarship information
.You have a question about transcripts
.For testing (SAT, ACT, PSAT, etc.) information
.For graduation information

Contact Activities & Athletics:
.For all High School activity groups or sports information