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2020-21 Freshman Orientation Letter - August 27

October 7-8 Freshman Orientation Schedule
October 7/Last Name A-K only
October 8/Last Name L-Z only
(students may only come on the assigned day)

Check-In (Door 29/Gym only)

Campus Tours w/Link Leaders

Follow Class Schedule

Students will be dismissed at 2:55PM
and must leave the building immediately.
There can be no congregating in the building.


The transition to high school is a major event in the life of a young person, and yet very few substantial strategies for support exist in most high schools. Numerous studies show that the transition to high school is marked by a period of emotional stress and discomfort for adolescents, often times resulting in a decrease in academic achievement and an increasingly difficult social adjustment. It is this combination of factors that can be the impetus to poor decision making, as well as high risk and self destructive behavior for freshmen.

High schools don’t have to just stand by and allow this rite of passage to happen to their freshmen. South Milwaukee High School implements strategic and intentional actions. We put in place a structure where freshmen get the necessary support to successfully navigate this significant transition and start their high school experience on a positive note.

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Mr. Termaat
Mr. Lareau
Ms. Moran
Ms. Wack
Mr. Richards

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Sofia Bachman
Caitlin Behling
Erin Brandt
Lizzy Brown
Kiley Caruso
Holly Dondajeski
Katie Drenzek
Hazel Duchemin
Lela Dulo
Taiz Elena
Alyssa Gilgenhach
Hannah Gruber
Lindsey Gulbrandsen
Bella Hamilton
Dakota Hatzenbeller
Emily Hince
Saranda Ismaili
Kaitlin Jensen
Hailey Johnson
Owen Kehoe
Aysia Klingman
Daniel Kluz
Kaylei Knight
Nathan Kujawa
Paige Lathrop
Emily Lesinksi
Gracie Lessard
Abigail Lillie
Cynthia Lindstrom
Lucille Lorenz
Brett Lubetski
Brianna Meinen
Eva Menzia
Shelby Morgan
Lily Nadolny
Kyleigh O’Donnell
Jasmine Orta
Olga Ortiz Salgado
Lea Papa
Rafe Pawlak
Liliana Rijos
Izy Rogers
Kiley Rohrscheib
Ava Schlasser
Kyra Scott
Taylor Sellers
Nate Snead
Abby Sobczak
Jenna Sorenson
Allie Spaltholz
Esme Tomaszewski
Lisa Traxel
Annalese Wenthur
Sarah Wesela
Ellie Williams
Kassie Wurtinger
Natalie Zwicke