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... ... ... Welcome to South Milwaukee High School. The School District of South Milwaukee, and more specifically South Milwaukee High School, profit from committed staff members, involved parents, supportive community members, and about 1,200 diverse and enthusiastic students. The academic programs we offer challenge every student to set and reach ambitious scholastic and personal goals. In addition, South Milwaukee High School’s extensive  extracurricular activities provide multiple avenues for students to explore their wide range of interests.

Since high school is a larger and more complex organization than elementary and middle schools, we know that being informed becomes more difficult for parents and guardians. Communicating with parents and guardians is of vital importance to us and we welcome calls and visits from parents to strengthen communications between the school and the community.

I believe a principal should be visible and available throughout the day, so I maintain an open door policy for students, parents, teachers, and community members to see me whenever they have a question or concern. Please don't hesitate to contact me.

More specifically, to the students of South Milwaukee High School: SMHS offers many opportunities to help make your high school years the best they can be. I strongly recommend that you get involved in one or more of the activities SMHS has to offer. Although it’s not required, your participation in these activities will open new doors, enable you to meet new people, and reveal incredible possibilities on which to grow and thrive. With your ideas, enthusiasm, and participation, we can continue our tradition of academic and extra-curricular excellence. Don’t be afraid to get involved!

Go Rockets!

Beth Kaminski

Principal 414-766-5110 bkaminski@sdsm.k12.wi.us

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High School Goals It is important for families to know the focus that we are taking as a high school staff to support the district goals of curriculum expectations, character education, community engagement and capital effectiveness.  Below is a link to the four goal areas, along with the expected outcomes, for each of our four district CE's. ... High School Goals